Mon. 6-1

Tue. 6-2

TWO DAYS of READER/HEALER APPOINTMENTS - Noon to 4 PM Fri. 6-5 and Sat. 6-6

You can also make your appointment with one of our amazing Readers or Healers (readings are for entertainment purposes only).  The price is $35 for a :15 session and $60 for a :30 session.  Cost is the same for all Practitioners.  The practitioner will phone you at the time you booked.

  Want to be a Speaker/Vendor at the Virtual            Awaken Fair?  Thirty minutes air time for $125.      plus evening repeat broadcast.  We market to      our email list of 10,000 people plus social              media.

Wed. 6-3

Sun. 5-31

FIVE-DAY GUEST TICKET -- Save at $25 for all five days -- Noon to 4 PM

Sun. 5-31 thru Thurs. 6-4 .  Join us via Zoom (we'll send you the links the day before)

​​ONE-DAY GUEST TICKET -- Just $10 per day - - Noon to 4 PM  

Schedule of presentations will be posted at Awaken    Join us via Zoom (we'll send the link to you the day before)​!

Thurs. 6-4