The AWAKEN Fairs are known to be where guests find unusual,   often hand-made, always natural and healthy products.  Our   Vendors offer unique jewelry, often imbued with special   intentions, or made from recycled "finds."  If you are a crystal   vendor offering beautiful selections of the finest stones and   minerals or sell the purest toiletries and soothing lotions, you can   grow your business with the Awaken Fair.

  A :15 spot gives you the opportunity to highlight your best   products -- you can do it live or via a pre-recorded presentation.   We will display your contact info so customers can connect with   you to place their orders.  $99.50

Speaker & Vendor Sign Up Page - Be Viewed via Zoom

Virtual Awaken Fair

November 21 & 22, 2020


 Experts in a variety of fields fill our Speakers' schedule at the Awaken   Fairs.  If you have a message, information or inspiration to share   with an eager audience, this is the place to be!  Our email list is over   10,000 interested people and our social media following is over   7,000 -- and with this virtual event, we are now reaching nation wide.   You will have tons of exposure!  

 Because of COVID19, we are offering our expert Speakers virtually   this autumn on November 21 & 22 from 11 am to 4 pm.  That means   there are only ten half-hour spots available -- sign up quickly before   they are all gone!  $199.