Present your topic to people interested in personal development, spirituality, wellness and any of the many paths to living a better life. Our large spaces accommodate up to 50 people. Speaker time slots are 45 minutes, including set-up and break-down.

$225 Early Bird Speaker Price          

$249 Regular Price 9-24-19     $289 Full Price 10-24-19


Many guests come to the AWAKEN Fair especially to visit our gifted intuitive readers.  They are looking for insight on their personal journeys.  In a very special area, Readers are provided with a table and two chairs.

As with the Healers, we book the appointments, take the payments, keep everyone on schedule, and pay you. A small upfront fee and the earnings are split 50/50.  The fees and rates are the same as for Healers

​$60 Early Bird Reader Price plus 50 %          

$75 Regular Price 9-24-19     $90 Full Price 10-24-19

Half page ad  4.5w x  3.5 h $50

Black & white only -- ad/artwork due two weeks before event -- or we can design it for you!

Got questions?  Go to or email us at

$75 Regular Price 9-24-19​     $90 Full Price 10-24-19

The Awaken Fair is the perfect place to let hundreds and hundreds of interested people know about your inspired product or amazing service that helps others awaken to their very best selves.  Whether it's artwork that inspires, words that uplift, jewelry that adorns or a practice that heals, your contribution to the world can be a part of this very special event.  ​A 6' table and two (or more) chairs is yours, along with tons of fantastic marketing especially for this event.

$325 Early Bird Vendor Price     NEW!  $249 Vendor Table in the Speakers' Hallway -- just 8 spots at a special price in a new location, just outside the Speaker Rooms.  We haven't offered this space before now.​


Guests save our beautiful, high-quality booklet as a resource!  Exhibitor prices:

Full page ad  4.5w x 7.5h $100

​​$25 Electricity at Vendor Table

Autumn in the Hudson Valley:

Tarrytown November 24, 2019

from 10am to 5pm

Join us when the Awaken Fair enlightens the public about all things holistic, natural, spiritual, authentic...  We help  people awaken to their best selves!  Your special service, skill or product can help people grow into the best version of themselves -- the Awaken Fair is the perfect place to present your gifts to the public.  We support our exhibitors with lots of information, ideas, tips and guidance.  Join us and see why we are the best-loved holistic fair!    

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Be part of our staff of amazingly skilled healers offering aid to help our guests on their personal journeys. We book the appointments, take the payments, keep clients (and you) on schedule, and pay you. A small upfront fee and the earnings are split 50/50.

The rates are pre-set at $40 for :15 and $70 for :30; discount for pre-booking. The Healer receives a check ten days after the Fair.

$60 Early Bird Healer Price + 50%