Virtual Awaken Fair

May 16, 2021 


 Many guests have come to the AWAKEN Fair over the years   especially  to visit our gifted intuitive readers and energy healers.  They are looking for insight and aid on their personal journeys. 

Because of COVID19, we are offering Readers' and Healers' services virtually on May 16 from 11 am to 4 pm.   You will have the client's name and phone number no later than the day before.  If you and your client choose, you may use Zoom instead of the telephone.  

 We pre-book the appointments, collect the payments, and pay you.   A small upfront fee and the earnings are split 50/50.   Your check is   mailed to you within the week. 

The client rates are pre-set for everyone at $40 for :15 and $70 for :30. The Reader receives a check within ten days after the Fair.  

​Your fee is $49.


 Experts in a variety of fields fill our Speakers' schedule at the Awaken   Fairs.  If you have a message, product, service, information or inspiration to share with an eager audience, this is the place to be! 

Our email list is over 10,000 interested people and our social media following is over 15,000 -- and with this virtual event, we are now reaching nation wide.   You will have tons of exposure!  

Because of COVID19, we are offering our expert Speakers virtually  on May 16, 2021from 11 am to 4 pm.  That means there are only ten half-hour spots available -- sign up quickly before they are all gone! 

Your fee is $199.  Give us first and second choice of time.